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Interesting 24 hours

I'm currently working as a network engineer for a medium-sized Internet service provider Nebula in Finland. The interesting 24 hours I'm referring to, started yesterday at 16:10 Finnish time when one of the core routers on our network started acting up. Due to confidentiality issues I can't go into technical details on what happened, but this is the official announcement we gave out to customers during the incident. It was updated this morning and we might provide some further details later on. The translation from Finnish to English is my own.

Problems with network connectivity

Due to a software related issue on a core router, some network connections have experienced problems and interruptions since 16:10 local time. The issue is still under repair.

Update: the fault has been limited and connectivity restored at 20:30. The fault had been resolved already before 17:00, but the effects of it resulted in new issues in connectivity after 18:00.

The overload caused by the fault resulted in connectivity issues between the routers of the internal core network at Nebula. When the original issue had been located and resolved, the level of service started to normalize in stages. Latency in certain connections may have been higher than usual during recovery.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and will be peforming upgrades to minimize similar incidents in the future.

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Kyrgyzstan Knocked Offline

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that "A Russian "cyber-militia" has effectively knocked the central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan offline in recent days". See the full article here:

It's quite hard to find traces of DoS attacks on the internet if they only swamp individual websites, but the article suggests that total connectivity to all of Kyrgyzstan has been severely impaired. This led me to wondering if signs of the attack are visible on the global routing table. This can happen if the attack is so severe, that edge routers connecting ISP's to one another can no longer exchange routing data, because the data link between them is fully saturated with attack traffic.

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Cogent haikus

It started on NANOG mailing list on Friday 9.1. (at least at Finnish time):

Cogent drops packets.
Angry customers call. Twice.
Admin writes haiku.
- Neal Rauhauser

The story then continued on Monday:

Cogent makes a mess
My phone rings and rings
Unfornicate this!
- Neal Rauhauser

And then things just got out of hand:

NANOG is too cool.
Rhyming with net engineers.
Poet don't know it.
- Jay Murphy

XO is low cost
The cabinets had no power
Service was useless
- Jeffrey Lyon

Customers thank me
I will not stoop much lower
Pay dirt for transit
- Darryl Dunkin

Cisco 7k nodes
Cascading VIP card failures
Reload the router
- Josh Potter

Net admins are bored
Nanog lists run wild
Useless spam blows up phone
- Ray Corbin

Level 3 has gear.
Bleeding edge technology.
Get huge pipes right now.
- Jay Murphy

McColo shuts down
Spammers enjoy holiday
.. and then recommence
- Ken Simpson

NANOG has admins
They waste a lot of time now
Maybe paid to much
- Aaron Wendel

Just in case you are wondering, the list is really a source of invaluable information for anyone interested in data networking, not just haikus :)


Keeping in sync

Keeping in sync

Synchronizing email, calendar, contacts, tasks and Firefox bookmarks on all the systems I use.

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Giev moar spam

As requested by Mikko Hyppönen, I shall not post to a public web page (such as this one).

Spammers spamming spammers. What a lovely idea :)

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