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Not a very technical article, but quite interesting read non the less. This obviously is a precedent in it's field, so it will be interesting to see how things develop.

Battling Botnets and Online Mobs
Estonia’s Defense Efforts during the Internet War

Gadi also noted on NANOG that his postmortem analysis and recommendations to CERT Estonia are not public yet. Perhaps one day they will be. More technical analysis and details would certainly be interesting and quite usefull for security policy development.

(See the local copy if the link no longer works.)


Note to self: www != html

It's always nice to debug some software for hours on end, just to find a little typo in the config... It's especially nice when the bug affects just a certain feature and nothing else.

Automagical language settings during installation. You've probably run into that at some point. You know, the easy to use single file multi-language installers that determine the installation language by themselves. Usually they work just fine and install in the same language as the OS, but not always...

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