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DealExtreme (

Looking for DealExtreme ( instead? Click here: (Disclaimer: this site is not connected to DX. I'm just an affiliate guiding lost surfers to the right destination.) more » now hosts an IP address information display and IPv6 connectivity test. It may not be pretty (especially with iframes and all), but it's fast. You can use it to check your public IP address and see if your IPv6-connection is working. more »
In my opinion, the best SSH client ever is PuTTY Tray. It was originally compiled by Barry Haanstra and can be found here. Recently, the developers of the original PuTTY released version 0.61, which contains an important bugfix for anyone using PuTTY… more »
I really don't know who at MS thought ClearType was a good idea, but personally I hate it. I want maximum clarity, contrast and sharpness on my desktop, so disabling ClearType is one of the first things to do when starting with a fresh Windows… more »

Gallery back online

The kind folks at Menalto and Gallery-community have finally finished Gallery3, so I have now reconstructed my picture gallery. It can be found from more »

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