Mobile Mozilla?

mikropc.net announced today that Mozilla will release a first working version of their mobile browser (codenamed Fennec) within a week. Too bad it's just for the Nokia internet tablet at the moment. So far I've been using the mobile Opera on my Windows Mobile smartphone, but it's not free. I have bought a license for it, though, and hope that future releases will remain free upgrades.

Skyfire is also an interesting product, but for some reason it's for the US consumers only.


Giev moar spam

As requested by Mikko Hyppönen, I shall not post info@bulk-mail.org to a public web page (such as this one).

Spammers spamming spammers. What a lovely idea :)



There sure are a lot of nice open source web-gadgets and programs out there, but keeping up with the updates can be a pain in the ass. Especially when the updates include important security fixes. At the moment I'm actively using six different PHP-based programs on this server and only one of them hasn't been updated during the last three months. None of the updates even included cool new features (ok, there were some, but nothing drastic), but were mostly fixing some vulnerabilities in the code.

What I would like to see in these programs, is a way to automatically receive notifications of updates and to perform these minor upgrades via some kind of a wizard. SourceForge and the lot do provide email notifications of these new versions, but not all coders use them. Therefore I still need to visit several sites regularly to keep up to date. Why can't I just schedule a daily cron-job, or something, which then notifies me of the changes? I know I could hack that together myself with some shell-scripting, but still I'd like to see the developers of the programs themselves provide this service. After all, all I can do is to monitor the websites, which certainly can and will change over time, which again requires updates to the scripts on my end.

Not a very technical article, but quite interesting read non the less. This obviously is a precedent in it's field, so it will be interesting to see how things develop.

Battling Botnets and Online Mobs
Estonia’s Defense Efforts during the Internet War

Gadi also noted on NANOG that his postmortem analysis and recommendations to CERT Estonia are not public yet. Perhaps one day they will be. More technical analysis and details would certainly be interesting and quite usefull for security policy development.

(See the local copy if the link no longer works.)


Note to self: www != html

It's always nice to debug some software for hours on end, just to find a little typo in the config... It's especially nice when the bug affects just a certain feature and nothing else.

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