Mobile Mozilla?

mikropc.net announced today that Mozilla will release a first working version of their mobile browser (codenamed Fennec) within a week. Too bad it's just for the Nokia internet tablet at the moment. So far I've been using the mobile Opera on my Windows… more »

Giev moar spam

As requested by Mikko Hyppönen, I shall not post info@bulk-mail.org to a public web page (such as this one). Spammers spamming spammers. What a lovely idea :) more »


There sure are a lot of nice open source web-gadgets and programs out there, but keeping up with the updates can be a pain in the ass. Especially when the updates include important security fixes. At the moment I'm actively using six different PHP-based… more »
Not a very technical article, but quite interesting read non the less. This obviously is a precedent in it's field, so it will be interesting to see how things develop. Battling Botnets and Online Mobs Estonia’s Defense Efforts during the Internet War… more »

Note to self: www != html

It's always nice to debug some software for hours on end, just to find a little typo in the config... It's especially nice when the bug affects just a certain feature and nothing else. more »

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