I really don't know who at MS thought ClearType was a good idea, but personally I hate it. I want maximum clarity, contrast and sharpness on my desktop, so disabling ClearType is one of the first things to do when starting with a fresh Windows installation. For some strange reason you really need to dig deep to find the settings to do that. Here are the required steps, which I collected from various forums:

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Gallery back online

The kind folks at Menalto and Gallery-community have finally finished Gallery3, so I have now reconstructed my picture gallery. It can be found from http://gallery.dx.fi/.

Tällä kertaa tarinaa suomeksi.
Kaustisen kansanmusiikkijuhlat järjestettiin 43. kerran 12.-18.7. 2010. Itse olin mukana menossa neljättä kertaa (edelliset 2002, 2007 ja 2008). Tässä lyhyesti festareiden parhaita paloja.

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Adventures on TUIfly Nordic

I recently had a vacation in Cyprus using the services of Finnmatkat and TUIfly Nordic. The part of the travel agency was handled in a professional manner, as you'll see later, but the same can't be said for the airline. It was not really an epic failure, but a noteworthy episode non the less.

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