Activating the SL Tickets app for the first time is almost straight forward, but here is a quick walkthrough for foreign users.

To buy tickets via the SL Tickets app, you need internet connectivity. To activate the app, you need both internet connectivity and the ability to receive SMS.

1. Download the app from Play Store or iTunes. Note: at least on Play Store you need to have your payment details registered on Google payment system before downloading the app, although payments are not processed through them (info checked on 6.2.2015).
2. Start the app and tap "Tap to continue"

3. Tap "Buy ticket" (by default the zone is for downtown Stockholm and fare is for an adult with no discounts).

4. Tap "Continue"

5. Enter your phone number in international format (eg. +35840 etc)

6. Wait for the SMS to arrive and type in the 4-digit code. (The app starts the verification automatically after the 4th digit.)

7. Tap "Skip this step and pay by card" (unless you have a Swedish identity number).

8. Enter card info (name first) and tap "Save"

9. Now you are set to buy the actual ticket.

The ticket itself will look something like this:

To use it on the subway, show it to an automatic reader on the wall of the ticketing booth.

(Last two pics from

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