Cogent haikus

It started on NANOG mailing list on Friday 9.1. (at least at Finnish time):

Cogent drops packets.
Angry customers call. Twice.
Admin writes haiku.
- Neal Rauhauser

The story then continued on Monday:

Cogent makes a mess
My phone rings and rings
Unfornicate this!
- Neal Rauhauser

And then things just got out of hand:

NANOG is too cool.
Rhyming with net engineers.
Poet don't know it.
- Jay Murphy

XO is low cost
The cabinets had no power
Service was useless
- Jeffrey Lyon

Customers thank me
I will not stoop much lower
Pay dirt for transit
- Darryl Dunkin

Cisco 7k nodes
Cascading VIP card failures
Reload the router
- Josh Potter

Net admins are bored
Nanog lists run wild
Useless spam blows up phone
- Ray Corbin

Level 3 has gear.
Bleeding edge technology.
Get huge pipes right now.
- Jay Murphy

McColo shuts down
Spammers enjoy holiday
.. and then recommence
- Ken Simpson

NANOG has admins
They waste a lot of time now
Maybe paid to much
- Aaron Wendel

Just in case you are wondering, the list is really a source of invaluable information for anyone interested in data networking, not just haikus :)

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