Automagical language settings during installation. You've probably run into that at some point. You know, the easy to use single file multi-language installers that determine the installation language by themselves. Usually they work just fine and install in the same language as the OS, but not always...

I was performing a fresh install of Windows Vista the other day, and obviously chose to do that in English. I do that as I'm not a big fan of 'dubbed' software. The terms just make so much more sense in the original language, and quite a few pieces of the software I use, are only available in English. I don't want to end up using some mutated multilanguage environment, so I just install everything in English.

At some point, however, I noticed that Apple QuickTime and Zinio Reader had installed themselves in Finnish. Automagic at work, obviously. To rectify the situation, I started prodding around the Regional and Language Options dialogs. Vista has four of these:

- Formats, which controls the currency, date and time etc. settings.
- Location, which controls something dubious (MS doesn't really say what).
- Keyboards and Languages (why do I need to remove the US keyboard from here every time I reinstall the OS?)
- Administrative, which houses the default language for non-unicode stuff.

Now, the first three were set to Finnish, Finland and Finnish and the last one to English (United States). Guess which one of the settings I had to change in order to install QuickTime in English.


No, that would be too obvious.


Wrong again. It's not _that_ stupid.


YES. Correct...

I actually had to use US dollars and that goofy MM/DD/YYYY date format to get English versions installed. Well, I could have settled with UK pounds, but that was further up in the menu.

Thank god that is a setting you don't have to reboot to change...

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