Me, myself and I

As this is supposed to be some kind of a personal homepage, I guess it would be in order to provide some details about Yours Truly.

So, in brief my name is Tero Toikkanen. Born in July 1982, living in Espoo, Finland and working as a network engineer for Fujitsu Finland Oy.

My profiles at Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will tell you more about me. My Last.fm page possibly tells something about my taste in music. If you need any additional details, you'll just have to go ahead and contact me.

You can also take a look at what else dx.fi can offer:

dx.fi alt, the alternative reality.

gallery.dx.fi, the site where I store my photos.

ip.dx.fi shows your IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

And just a friendly reminder for the Finnish speaking audience.

- Tero Toikkanen

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Random musings on even more random subjects.
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