Activating the SL Tickets app for the first time is almost straight forward, but here is a quick walkthrough for foreign users.

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Noin kaksi annosta

  • Sipuli
  • Paprika
  • Sopivasti kanaa
  • Teriyaki-kastiketta
  • Ankanmakuisia pikanuudeleita
  • Valkoviiniä tai omenasiideriä
  • Suolaa ja mustapippuria
  • Öljyä paistamiseen

Kuutioi sipuli ja paprika valmiiksi. Ruskista kanat pannussa, mausta suolalla ja pippurilla. Kaada syvälle lautaselle ja sekoita mukaan reilusti teriyaki-kastiketta. Kuullota sipuli pannussa, kaada mukaan paprikat ja sekoittele pari minuuttia. Käytä maustamiseen runsaasti mustapippuria. Kaada pannulle valkoviiniä tai siideriä (esim. Pinot Gris tai puolikuiva omenasiideri) sen verran että pohja peittyy kunnolla. Keitä neste melkein kuivaksi ja kaada kanat takaisin pannulle. Sekoittele hetki ja kaada kanat ja kasvikset takaisin lautaselle. Keitä nuudelit 2 desissä vettä 3 minuuttia, vettä saa haihtua runsaasti. Kaada nuudelit lautaselle ja sekoita.

Kävin maanantaina 11.2.2013 pitkästä aikaa Perinnearkun jameissa Black Doorissa ja illan jälkiset tunnelmat innostivat kirjoittamaan tämän pätkän.

Full story » now hosts an IP address information display and IPv6 connectivity test. It may not be pretty (especially with iframes and all), but it's fast. You can use it to check your public IP address and see if your IPv6-connection is working.

In my opinion, the best SSH client ever is PuTTY Tray. It was originally compiled by Barry Haanstra and can be found here. Recently, the developers of the original PuTTY released version 0.61, which contains an important bugfix for anyone using PuTTY with serial ports. I used to use TeraTerm when fiddling with console cables, but it supports only com-ports 1-4. This is unfortunate because the new USB-serial-adapters like to map themselves to higher com-ports (usually 6) by default. Naturally you can change this, but it's just too much of a hassle. With PuTTY, you can use the higher numbers with ease.

Unfortunately, Barry Haanstra has stopped the development of PuTTY Tray, so there is no version 0.61 at This is a pity as that site is unsurprisingly the first hit when you Google "PuTTY Tray". However, Cris West is now maintaining PuTTY Tray at I don't know if this move is official, but at least it's not mentioned at Also, doesn't appear as a direct link within the first 10 Google result pages for "PuTTY Tray" (it's there on the first page, but that's a blog entry). In any case, the version of mr. West appears to be working just fine, so I'll just document the URL here. Hopefully it will appear on the Google results someday.

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